Coaching - Why you need to know your Zero Point

05 Dec 2021

Written by Administrator on Friday June 5, 2020

Quite simply - it allows you to get on the with task of shooting a competition so much quicker!

The image is of a competitor's card which was submitted for scoring during one of our open shoots. You can clearly see the timing, and the thinking, behind each shot as follows:

  • Too High!
  • Bit Lower!
  • No - Lower Still!
  • Bit more!
  • Too Far - Up a Bit!
  • OK - You're running out of time!

While six shots on a sighter diagram at 50m is by no means exessive, they are usually used to get an understanding of the conditions. Here the competitor is six shots in and has only just started that part of the shoot.

So, take the opportunity to zero your rifle at 50m and 100yd. Then it is simply a case of putting on (or off) the relevant number of clicks and you avoid the time and energy spent getting the shots in the middle and can concentrate on the range conditions and your technique.