Competitions Update - March 2019

31 Mar 2019

Written by J Howard on Thursday April 4, 2019

As the Winter season draws to a close it’s time to highlight some of the club’s achievements and to give a digital pat-on-the-back to the members who have contributed to those team and individual successes.

Team Competitions Update

City of London

In a very close contest, our ‘A’ team (Trevor Wilde, David White, George Christopherson, Malcolm Brain & Simon Bushell) just held off Colchester ‘A’ to win Division 1 by a single point.  The pre-Christmas period proved crucial as, in round 9, our ‘B’ team held Colchester to a draw, and in round 10 the ‘A’ team took both points off their rivals and overtook them at the top of the league.  Despite Colchester getting their revenge in round 16 we held on to top spot all the way to the end.

Meanwhile in Division 4, our ‘C’ team (Graham Rowcroft, Sheena Wilde, Elaine Kettle, Phil Wood & Mike Levy) had a much easier ride.  They climbed to the top of the division in round 4 and stayed there, dropping only one more point and taking the title with a comfortable 7-point margin over second placed …. Colchester.  Guess we won’t be on their Christmas list this year.


We had teams in Divisions 1 and 3 of the Croydon League and won both titles convincingly with 100% records in each case.  Congratulations to the ‘A’ Team (Trevor Wilde, Simon Bushell, Malcolm Brain, George Christopherson & Jeremy Allen) and the ‘B’ team (Jim Howard, Sheena Wilde, Alan Lindsay, Phil Wood & Jo Downing).  The teams now go head-to-head with the other divisional winners in a shoot-off for the overall trophy.


Another win for our ‘A’ team in Eastbourne Division 1.  This was closer than it looked in the end, with 3 teams in contention until round 8.  Uckfield and Southwick shared the points when they went head-to-head in round 9, effectively sabotaging both their title hopes and leaving EGTSC and Uckfield to meet in round 10 for a winner-takes-all decider.  Trevor Wilde, Malcolm Brain, George Christopherson, Jeremy Allen & Peter Watson comfortably outshot the challengers to clinch the win and the tile.


Although shooting is now complete, we are still waiting for the final results.  However, it’s been a promising start.   After 6 rounds, both ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams are top of their divisions while the ‘C’ team lie in second place. 


The competition runs until the end of April, but after 10 & 12 rounds respectively, both ‘A’ and ‘E’ teams are currently top of their divisions. 

Individual Competitions Update

Portslade & West Hove

Slim pickings here this time round, but congratulations to Jeremy Allen who finished top of Division 4 in the short-range competition.

Polar Bear

Only 5 members braved the wintry conditions of the Polar Bear.  Best of them was Ian Payne who finished top of Division 6.


Charles and David White finished their Meridian season with matching ‘tons’; more than enough to confirm Charles as the Division 1, gun score champion with David winning the Macrae competition.  The rest of the short-range competition was largely dominated by shooters from other clubs except for Division 7, where Marie Featherstone took the gun score title.

A different story in the longer-range competitions where EGTSC achieved a clean sweep of all the trophies on offer.  Congratulations to Andy Meyers (2), John Tadman, Graham Rowcroft, John Chisholm, Trevor Wilde & Jim Howard (2).


Speaking of ‘tons’, special congratulations go to Phil Wood & Robin Evans who each achieved the milestone of their first ‘ton’ earlier this season.  George Christopherson, who got his first ‘ton’ last season has 3 more to go with it so far this season.  Great progress, but still some way to go to catch Trevor Wilde with 17 confirmed to date.  Although Trevor has the most ‘tons’ his rate of 14.78% (17 from 115 cards) only puts him in 3rd place just ahead of Charles White on 12.73% (7 from 55).  Still out in front with 20% (2 from 10) is Andy Meyers.  Which begs the question who is in 2nd place?  Take a bow, Mike Barlow, a last-minute substitute in the NSRA competition, with 16.67% (1 from 6).


Congratulations for qualifying and good luck to everyone competing at the:

  • Sussex County Finals at Chichester Rifle Club on April 13. 
  • Croydon Finals at Gally Hill on April 28. 
  • The Eastbourne & District finals will be held at Uckfield on May 11

A couple of the Eastbourne annual prizes have already been decided.  Congratulations to Peter Watson, the winner of the Super Veterans competition, and Malcolm Brain, the winner of one of the more interesting trophies, the cannon, for the Winter 50m competition.

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