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EGTSC v Covid 19

While the club was closed maintenace work still went on!  EGTSC v Covid 19


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Outdoor Range

The outdoor range is now open on Saturday and Sunday each week as usual.

Indoor Range – Re-opening

The government have officially announced that Step 2 on their roadmap out of lockdown will begin, as planned, on 12 April.  This means we can confirm that the club will be re-opening the indoor ranges from Tuesday 13 April and follows the successful re-opening of the outdoor range over the Easter weekend.


The Covid safety protocols we developed last year remain in force and all visitors must observe them.  Pre-booking is essential.

The booking system is now open for the indoor and outdoor ranges. [Book appointment]
Sessions are available until mid-May but more will be added as we progress through the steps.

See Calendar for details. [Link to Calendar]

For those who have forgotten how the sessions are organised, here is the timetable we try to work to for each range on the days they are open.  [Link to Timetable

Please Note:  This is a guide.  The Duty Officer has absolute control over the range and may, at their discretion, vary the timings to ensure the safe and effective operation of the range, should the situation warrant it.

New members

Unfortunately, the current regulations prohibit us from introducing or accepting new members.  This may change with Step 3 (mid-May) but it is more likely to be June/July before we are in a position to resume our training programme.

Competitions Update (09/04/2021)

As of 09 April we have received the following information regarding extensions, timetables and cancellations for this and future seasons.

Winter Season 2019-20

Most competitions have finished but there are a few exceptions.  At the moment, the only competition in which EGTSC members have cards outstanding is the delayed City of London finals, where the deadline has now been extended until 26 August 2021.

Winter Season 2020-21

The following changes / extensions have been announced:

  • NSRA 25yd – Season reduced to rounds 1-5 only – ALL rounds, shoot by 31 May
  • Polar Bear 50m – ALL rounds, shoot by 31 May
  • City 25yd - ALL rounds, shoot by 6 August – equivalent Summer competition cancelled
  • Sussex 25yd (including Time Limit) - ALL rounds, shoot by 31 August.
  • Sussex Air Pistol - ALL rounds, shoot by 31 August.
  • In order to accommodate these extensions to the Winter season, the usual Sussex indoor Summer season competitions have all been cancelled for this year.
  • Sussex Cups
    • Lawson, Hardy Roberts (Vets. individual) – stage 1, shoot by 28 June
    • Loder, Henfield plate (Vets. Team) – shoot by 26 July
  • Eastbourne 25yd League - All rounds shoot by 31 August.
  • Eastbourne Cups
    • Coronation Cup, Round 1 - shoot by 31 May
    • All other cups - shoot by 31 August

Awaiting further details:

  • West Kent 25yd
  • Sussex 25yd Time Limit – deadline extended – date to be confirmed
  • Sussex Air Pistol – deadline extended – date to be confirmed

Summer Season 2021 Entries

Entries for Summer Season competitions have started to appear.  You can register for the following competitions via the online booking system:

  • Sussex 50m – closing date for entries - April 24
  • Sussex 100yds – closing date for entries - April 24

The NSRA will be running a slightly reduced programme through the Summer, but there are still plenty of opportunities to compete.


We will try to enter teams for the following competitions:

  • NSRA 100 - Dewar League
  • NSRA 103 - 50m League
  • NSRA 110 - 25yd League
  • NSRA 180 - 10m Air Pistol League

If we cannot get enough entries for a full team, we will suggest you enter one or more of the following equivalent individual competitions which are also available: 

  • NSRA 303 - 50m League (*)
  • NSRA 305 - 50m Veterans League (*)
  • NSRA 310 - 25yd League (*)
  • NSRA 302 - 100yds Any Sights 
  • NSRA 304 - 50m Any Sights

(*) These competitions may be shot concurrently with the team competitions.

Closing date for entries for all of the NSRA competitions is 18 April, which is not very far away so don't hang about.

You can put your name down for any of these competitions using the online booking system.

The club has adopted a policy of supporting all our local leagues by entering at least one team (if possible) in all competitions.

Further information will be published here and/or distributed to members as it becomes available.  Please watch this space.

NSRA Scorers Courses

Further details of the course are here.

The course booked for Sunday 08th November will be postponed until after the lockdown.

If anyone is interested in attending please let me know. Covid19 secure procedures will be in place.

If you are interested in attending a course, please contact Mike Kettle.

Rifles for Sale

There are a few members rifles for sale, so if you are in the market for your own rifle, speak to Peter Watson who will be able to advise.

Club Classified Ads

The club uses Stirton.com for this purpose.